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Because of the Rain
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Because of the Rain



Anna Marquette has everything to live for. Her daughters are in college and, with the support of Paul, her loving husband, she is pursuing her dream of a career in counseling. Then one night, while on a trip to Orlando, the unimaginable happens. She takes a “short cut” to an evening out with Paul and is brutally assaulted.

When Anna suspects the attack has left her pregnant, her faith is put to the test. As Anna and her family confront the heart-wrenching decisions that lie ahead, Anna gradually comes to realize that God has a plan for her and that she must trust Him. But will her family accept the choice she makes? Will her husband’s love for her prevail? And will her marriage survive this ultimate test?

“Because of the Rain” is a powerful story that will keep you on the edge of your chair waiting to find out what happens next.

This novel was originally titled “In the Still of Night.” The text has been expanded and updated from the original edition.

Title:Because of the Rain
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:199 pages
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    Because of the Rain Reviews

  • Susan Snodgrass
    Jan 18, 2016

    I have read all of Deborah Raney's books. She was, is and will forever remain one of my all time favorite authors. This book was originally published as The Still of Night. It is my favorite of all De...

  • Robin Lee Hatcher
    Jul 18, 2017

    Difficult situation delicately and compassionately told. I loved it. I listened to the audio version, and the narrator was terrific....

  • Star Shining Forever
    May 28, 2017

    I normally never read the sappy Hallmark genre, but I picked this up to see how it handled the abortion scenario. It was heartwarming but a tad confusing. Some spoilers follow for discussion's sake.An...

  • Brandi
    May 16, 2016

    44 years old Anna is attacked and raped. Then she finds out she is pregnant. Her family faces difficult decisions -- should she have an abortion? Is ending the pregnancy justified? Or do they give up ...

  • Anne Rightler
    Jun 09, 2017

    Because of the Rain by Deborah Raney is an amazing book that takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey through a book that tackles a sensitive and tragic situation. The author does a fantastic j...

  • Skydanzer
    May 11, 2017

    Inspirational 5 Stars†**********BECAUSE OF THE RAIN is a story of raw emotions filled with hope, faithfulness, sorrow, as pain. After suffering thru a woman's worst nightmares the reader is shown th...

  • Audrey
    May 05, 2017

    Oh for the words...How do I describe the emotions I feel after reading this wonderful story? Dread, fear, love, joy, compassion - all these emotions have surged through me as I have read every breatht...

  • Dorothy Beer
    May 12, 2017

    Because of the rainAn interesting story. Anna was very brave to decide to carry her baby instead of terminating the pregnancy which resulted from such a horrible experience. Luckily Paul was willing ...

  • Stella Potts
    May 05, 2017

    This book is about every woman's nightmare and the gut wrenching decisions that she and her husband have to make in order to follow God's will and the position those decisions put them and their famil...

  • Bonnie Jarrett
    May 16, 2017

    Wonderful story about lifeI found this story to be a marvelous and very interesting life situation. So much faith by a family that put God first in their struggles and in making a life changing experi...