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Roller Girl
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Roller Girl


For fans of Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, a heartwarming graphic novel about friendship and surviving junior high through the power of roller derby.

Twelve-year-old Astrid has always done everything with her best friend Nicole. So when Astrid signs up for roller derby camp, she assumes Nicole will too. But Nicole signs up for dance camp with a new friend instead, and so begins the toughest summer of Astrid's life. There are bumps and bruises as Astrid learns who she is without Nicole...and what it takes to be a strong, tough roller girl.

Title:Roller Girl
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:240 pages
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    Roller Girl Reviews

  • Lola  Reviewer
    Apr 21, 2017

    I read a fiction novel about roller derby years ago. The novel was made into a movie, which I watched, so I thought if the movie was good, the book must be ten times better. But it really wasn’t. It...

  • Erica
    Mar 23, 2015

    Last year, my favorite middle-grade book was Sisters. I think Roller Girl will be this year's favorite because it. is. AMAZING.Summary: Astrid Vasquez, dubbed Ass-turd by her nemesis, Rachel, has been...

  • First Second Books
    Mar 16, 2015

    This book is super-adorable!I especially like the girl’s relationship with her mom – my favorite part is when the girl has to admit that she’s been lying and her mom is like, ‘no worries; grow...

  • Raina
    Nov 22, 2014

    Holy crap, I'm so excited that I get to be a kids librarian in a time when the market is nurturing and embracing literature like this. Jamieson has a soft spot for the everysoul - she doesn't tell sto...

  • Jenna
    Dec 06, 2016

    Here are of my favorite roller derby player names from this excellent girl-empowerment book that will be enjoyable to young people and adults alike, and that you should all go out and buy for your dau...

  • Sesana
    May 19, 2015

    This book came to my attention because of the subject matter (roller derby!), because of the cute cover, and because the blurb compared it to Raina Telgemeier. I love Telgemeier, and I'm happy to repo...

  • Stacey (prettybooks)
    Feb 13, 2016

    Oh, I loved Roller Girl. I came across it during a shopping trip at Gosh! Comics with my friend Daphne and one glance at the cover me it was the graphic novel for me! Roller Girl is the heartwarming...

  • Liz
    Mar 31, 2015

    This graphic novel is perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier's books, as it is very similar in tone and artwork. I really enjoyed the storyline of complicated friendships, which came to a very satisfyin...

  • Abby Johnson
    Feb 24, 2015

    Um, just so, so good. Not only is this a super introduction to the world of roller derby (something I knew nothing about but now feel like I could understand), but it's an empowering story of girls na...

  • Meredith
    Mar 30, 2015

    This is every bit as cute as your friends are probably telling you it is. My husband also read and loved this book, and has decided that that our imaginary future daughter is definitely doing roller d...