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To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. --John Milton

Charlotte Conroy, Juilliard-trained violinist, was on the cusp of greatness when tragedy swooped down on dark wings, crushing her hopes and breaking her heart. The music that used to sing in her soul has grown quiet, and she feels on the verge of setting down her violin for good. To pay the bills, she accepts a job as a personal assistant to a bitter, angry young man who’s been disabled by a horrific accident …

Noah Lake was an extreme sport athlete, journalist and photographer. He roamed the world in search of his next adrenaline high, until a cliff-dive left him in a coma. He awakes to find his career gone, his dreams shattered to pieces, his world an endless blackness that will never lift.

Charlotte begins to see that beneath Noah’s angry, brittle exterior is a young man in a pain. She is determined to show him that his life isn’t over, that he has so much to live for, never dreaming that she would become the only light in his darkness, or that he would help her find the music in hers.

The life he knew is over. The life she wants is just out of reach.
Together, they must face their fears and rediscover what it means to really live.

Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:304 pages
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    RUSH Reviews

  • Christy
    Feb 13, 2016

    5 stars! Anyone who pays attention to my reviews probably knows a few things about my tastes- I love books that make me feel and make me cry, AND my favorite types of heroes are the broken/damaged one...

  • Anna's Ramblings ?
    Jul 10, 2016

    4 STARS There was always light in the world, even in the blackest night. This is a beautiful love story about two individuals living their lives divided into Then and Now . NOAH LAKEThen. A world...

  • Megan??Steamy Reads Blog??
    Jul 08, 2016

    *****5 Stars***** “Love, real love, wasn’t empty, grasping hands, or lies that felt like truths. And it wasn’t perfect or neat or always easy. It was a rising sun on a new day. It was endless po...

  • Aestas Book Blog
    Jul 03, 2015

    ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: “You are the light in my darkness, Charlotte.” What a beautiful, heart-warming story! I read this book in one sitting and loved it! It initially caught my eye b...

  • Danielle ?? Pretty Mess Reading ??
    Nov 30, 2016

    ****4 STARS****https://prettymessreading.wordpress.c...This was my 3rd by Emma Scott and I was not disappointed.OMG, yasssss!!! Another brilliant book.One of the most important bits of this book is th...

  • KAS
    Apr 04, 2017

    An Amazing Journey of THEN and NOWThank goodness I finally took the time to read Noah and Charlotte's love story. The highs, the lows, and oh the feels, are all here in this incredible read! The autho...

  • Claire Robinson
    Jul 13, 2015

    5 - "If I could see just once more-just one thing in this world-it would be you." Stars!I am not going to write a review giving you a complete run-down of the plot for Rush I could quite easily and it...

  • Emma Scott
    Jul 01, 2015

  • Wil Loves Books!
    Oct 02, 2016

    I read this one back in August. This was gorgeous, beautiful, perfect. Emma Scott is so freaking talented, she writes the most amazing books! I owe a good review for this one, but there are no words. ...

  • Didi
    Jul 12, 2015

    This was such a great book, a lovely, heartwarming, emotional and uplifting book. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down. I thought things flowed really well, the characters felt very real ...