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Vampire Knight, Vol. 1
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Vampire Knight, Vol. 1


Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment she was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, and now works alongside Zero to guard the Academy's secret. Cross Adademy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!

Title:Vampire Knight, Vol. 1
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:192 pages
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    Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Joyzi
    Feb 03, 2009

    Random babbling...Beautiful love/suspense/horror/action story, lots of plot twists, a very very good vampire story. Very addictive, kick ass action! If you're interested in vampires you'll definitely...

  • Nina ?
    Jan 25, 2012

    Who needs Yuki?Okay, so I watch plenty of anime, but this is actually the first manga I've ever read. I liked it very much, BUT here it comes...some parts really ticked me off, like:-The lack of actio...

  • Desiree
    Mar 12, 2011

    :Review Updated:Vampire Knight - This is the first manga I have read in my entire life. So this manga's about: A boarding school is divided into two classes, Day Class and Night Class. Zero and Yuuki...

  • Susan
    Nov 30, 2008

    Stop me if you've heard this one before...there's a school that has a day school and a night school. The night school students are just a little bit different than everyone else...because they're vamp...

  • Melissa (Ever So Mela)
    Jan 28, 2015

    Since I'm fairly new to Manga I'm not sure if they're all like this. The dialogue was awkward and stoic. The characters all fell flat, except for Zero. I think he's the only one I liked. As for Kaname...

  • Ronyell
    Nov 18, 2010

    I have been reading manga ever since I was in high school, the first manga I ever read being “Ranma .” Well, just recently, I have stumbled upon another manga series called “Vampire Knight” (n...

  • Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac,
    Oct 20, 2010

    It's so ANNOYING and it DRAGS. It's confusing, more things pop up just to keep the story going, it's long and boring, the girl can't make up her mind, the guy can't decide if he's evil or not, the oth...

  • Jennymort ??The Dark Lord, House of Slytheread??
    Jun 09, 2015

    Again... Found this series by Netflix... The bane of my existence. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS! Even with all of the... sexual well as the love-triangle....

  • Lu (Sugar & Snark)
    Mar 18, 2013

    I heard this was a "Twilight" Manga, and in a way it was, but I was really happy that there were tons of differences! At Cross Academy you can find both humans and vampires. The vampires go to class ...

  • Majanka
    Nov 14, 2011

    Vampire Knight is the manga that actually got me addicted to…manga. And anime. Not only is this a successful, still ongoing manga series in Japan and the rest of the world, it also served as the bas...