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Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story
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Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story


In a riveting, hilarious account, reporter Alexandra Wolfe exposes a world that is not flat but bubbling—the men and women of Silicon Valley, whose hubris and ambition are changing the world.

Each year, young people from around the world go to Silicon Valley to hatch an idea, start a company, strike it rich, and become powerful and famous. In Valley of the Gods, Wolfe follows three of these upstarts who have “stopped out” of college and real life to live and work in Silicon Valley in the hopes of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. No one has yet documented the battle for the brightest kids, kids whose goals are no less than making billions of dollars—and the fight they wage in turn to make it there. They embody an American cultural transformation: A move away from the East Coast hierarchy of Ivy Leagues and country clubs toward the startup life and a new social order.

Meet the billionaires who go to training clubs for thirty-minute “body slams” designed to fit in with the start-up schedule; attend parties where people devour peanut butter-and-jelly sushi rolls; and date and seduce in a romantic culture in which thick glasses, baggy jeans, and a t-shirt is the costume of any sex symbol (and where a jacket and tie symbolize mediocrity). Through Wolfe’s eyes, we discover how they date and marry, how they dress and live, how they plot and dream, and how they have created a business world and an economic order that has made us all devotees of them.

A blistering, brilliant, and hysterical examination of this new ruling class, Valley of the Gods presents tomorrow’s strange new normal where the only outward signs of tech success are laptops and ideas.

Title:Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:272 pages
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    Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story Reviews

  • Tom Armstrong
    Feb 22, 2017

    This is a very disjointed book. It purports to follow the story of a few of the first class of Thiel Fellows and their decision to forgo college, move to Silicon Valley, and start companies. But it di...

  • Andrew
    Nov 09, 2016

    *3.5 stars*I don't really care about Silicon Valley. And I'm even less enamoured with the crazies who inhabit it. But this one held my attention as it follows the ups-and-downs of Peter Thiel's dropou...

  • Alex Moskalyuk
    Mar 19, 2017

    Overly repetitive and delves into needless details, such as names of people, projects and companies that go nowhere and are mentioned in the book once. Entire chapters are dedicated to digressions (e....

  • Hannah
    Mar 05, 2017

    Three chapters in I knew everything I ever (didn't) want to know about Silicon Valley start-ups. Then it became a long list of techie names and descriptions of fridge contents and living arrangements ...

  • Jim
    Jan 13, 2017

  • Rachel
    Mar 12, 2017

    "The cruisers were nouveau-nerdy, a cross between the Williamsburg hipster, the navel-gazing Tim Ferriss–following autosexual, and of course its predecessor, the metrosexual. During lectures, aisles...

  • Bill Kinney
    Feb 24, 2017

    Not great......

  • Valerie
    Mar 04, 2017

    Interesting and informative. Gave me new perspective on a subject of interest to a lot of us. Personal stories are always intriguing. ...

  • Todd
    Mar 23, 2017

    A helpful introduction to the culture and people of Silicon Valley by the Wall Street Journal journalist covering it. It is not a thorough history but rather a peak, and a rather disjointed one, into ...

  • Henry
    Mar 23, 2017

    Technically I work in tech but don't see myself as part of it. I knew the start up world was crazy, but these folks be real crazy. An interesting in depth view in how....