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Bleach, Volume 01
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Bleach, Volume 01


Hot-tempered 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki, the hero of the popular fantasy-adventure Bleach , has the unsettling ability to see spirits who are unable to rest in peace. His sixth sense leads him to Rukia, a Soul Reaper who destroys Hollows (soul-devouring monsters) and ensures the deceased find repose with the Soul Society. When she's injured in battle, Rukia transfers her sword and much of her power to Ichigo, whose spiritual energy makes him a formidable substitute Soul Reaper. But the orange-haired teenager isn't sure he wants the job: too many risks and moral dilemmas.

Title:Bleach, Volume 01
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:200 pages
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    Bleach, Volume 01 Reviews

  • Laurel
    Jul 08, 2012

    This manga series is absolutely amazing! Anyone considering whether or not to read this manga, read it now! And for those of you currently reading the series but not yet finished with all the books, y...

  • Petros
    Dec 01, 2011

    Rant mode onI hate this series more than most of anything else. It is clearly undermining the quality of shounens, it’s trolling away like there is no tomorrow, and yet many love its ludicrous plot ...

  • Paige  Bookdragon
    Feb 20, 2016

    Read up to Volume 570+Right. So it's been years since I've watched Bleach and let me tell you, THIS IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST ANIME/MANGA EVAH EVAH EVAHI can't post too much spoilers because that woul...

  • Case
    Aug 21, 2007

    I discovered Bleach probably about a year ago, just before they began to syndicate the American version on Cartoon Network. I started off with the anime, but I was so impressed I went out and bought t...

  • Megan
    Sep 21, 2013

    Fifteen year old Ichigo Kurosaki has the ability to see, touch, and talk to spirits. Ichigo has been able to communicate with them since he was a little kid. Ichigo lives with his two sisters and his ...

  • Kathryn
    May 08, 2011

    This is one of those series I've heard so much about but put off diving into mainly due to the first few pages I always read in the store never snagging my interest enough but I took the plunge anyway...

  • Maddie Senator
    Sep 29, 2009

    Oh my goodness, I loved this book! This is one of the best manga series I've ever read. Kurosaki Ichigo has quickly become one of my top favorite manga characters, as well. I loved his selflessness in...

  • Bookaholic (reads every mortal thing)
    Jul 23, 2015

    3.5Okay, I really liked this and all, but now freaking way am I reading all 600+ and counting chapters of this. So, I read till as much as I could take at once (chapter 137). Maybe I'll continue this...

  • Greg
    Sep 28, 2011

    Having enjoyed reading Tsugumi Ohba and Taskeshi Obata's Death Note: Black Edition series in 2011/12, I've been interested in finding another good manga series to follow. One such series I identified ...

  • Tilly
    Oct 29, 2016

    Now as the series finished this year, I thought that I should finally starting Bleach because I never read it before. I liked this first volume definitely enough to continue, we'll see how the story w...