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Pilot X
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Pilot X


What would happen if a time traveler lived in a world where time could not easily be changed and if it was changed, it might destroy everything but himself?

Pilot X just wants to fly a time ship. Specifically the Verity. But the Guardians of Alenda, rulers of his people, throw him in the middle of a time war. When he makes peace they don’t seem pleased. In fact, his own people treat him like the enemy.

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Pilot X was Tom Merritt’s National Novel Writing Month project in November 2014. Tom Merritt is the host of several podcasts about tech and geeky things.

Title:Pilot X
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:179 pages
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    Pilot X Reviews

  • Rob
    Apr 02, 2017

    Executive Summary: A fun, quick read that fans of Doctor Who or classic Science Fiction will probably enjoy.Audiobook: I was unfamiliar with Kevin T. Collins prior to listening to this book, but I'll ...

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    Jan 10, 2017

    If you liked Dr. Who, then you’ll like Pilot X. X is a time traveler with a fairly unique ship. He just wants to fly his ship and explore things. Suddenly, in a sort of ‘thrust to greatness’ mov...

  • Dara
    Mar 17, 2017

    Pilot X is a time traveler. This is the story about his journey that ends up with him as the last surviving Alendan in the universe.Pilot X reminds me of classic sci-fi stories. A lot of great ideas a...

  •  Charlie - A Reading Machine
    Dec 05, 2016

    A playground for lovers of Time TravelReview to come on Fantasy Faction....

  • Dave Packard
    Mar 16, 2017

    Fun romp through time and space... I am not a Dr Who aficionado, but I guess that is not required to thoroughly enjoy Pilot X. Imaginative, thoughtful, and fast moving. ...

  • Kathleen Townsend
    Jan 21, 2017

    Pilot X is a new science fiction novel by Tom Merritt being released today, March 14, 2017. This is a fun, fast read, perfect for a lazy weekend. Which, incidentally, is exactly when I read this book....

  • Tyler Hill
    Mar 01, 2017

    This is a hard book to review, and not only because I have a lot of respect for Tom Merritt from years listening to Sword and Laser.First off, I love the premise of the story. A Time Lord-type race st...

  • Jen
    Mar 30, 2017

    Fun, interesting time travel book. ...

  • Nicklas
    Apr 02, 2017

    Väldigt svag 4a, känns lite som det är en översikt av en längre, bättre, bok.....

  • Diego S
    May 17, 2017

    Time travel is something that mankind only dreams of. The book Pilot X, by Tom Merrit, looks at three races that can achieve this. The book perfectly combines sci-fi and mystery, creating a great and ...