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Winter Tide
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Winter Tide


After attacking Devil’s Reef in 1928, the U.S. Government rounded up the people of Innsmouth and took them to the desert, far from their ocean, their Deep One ancestors, and their sleeping god Cthulhu. Only Aphra and Caleb Marsh survived the camps, and they emerged without a past or a future.

The government that stole Aphra's life now needs her help. FBI agent Ron Spector believes that Communist spies have stolen dangerous magical secrets from Miskatonic University, secrets that could turn the Cold War hot in an instant, and hasten the end of the human race.

Aphra must return to the ruins of her home, gather scraps of her stolen history, and assemble a new family to face the darkness of human nature.

Title:Winter Tide
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:366 pages
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  • Brad
    Nov 24, 2016

    It's impossible to think that most of you will have to wait until April to read this, and I say that for one reason: It's amazing! Take the Cthulhu mythos, take it seriously, have your sympathetic mai...

  • Nicole
    Mar 13, 2017

    actual rating: 2.5 starsIf you're not familiar with Aphra's story, you should read Litany of Earth novella (read it here). I enjoyed this short story way more than Winer Tide. I really liked it but t...

  • Lindsay
    Apr 14, 2017

    This is not what I expected. From the description I was thinking a cold war spy romp with a native of Innsmouth using her skills as a US agent. It's nothing like that.Aphra Marsh and her brother Caleb...

  • Justine
    Jun 08, 2017

    4.5 starsA very impressive and impeccably written debut novel.The story is rooted in Lovecraftian mythos, but goes in new and unexpected places. The so-called monsters of Innsmouth are given the chanc...

  • Anne
    Mar 28, 2017

    Should we be surprised to read that the denizens of Innsmouth and Y'ha-nthlei don't think of themselves as hideous hybrids of fish and frog and man? Or that they call themselves Chyrlid Ajha, People o...

  • John
    Sep 03, 2016

    4.5 starsWhen it comes to the existential dread of man's insignificance in an irrational universe, nobody beats H.P. Lovecraft. Like Wolverine, he's the best there is at what he does.That said, there ...

  • Allison
    Oct 20, 2016

    So many excellent Lovecraft re-imaginings in the last few years. This is a pretty great one and a solid start to a new series. Longer review later. ...

  • Stacey
    Oct 30, 2016

    Even given my unfamiliarity with much of classic Lovecraftian lore, I found the story compelling and the main character richly drawn. Not a perfect story, there were characters who proved critical who...

  • The Haunted Reading Room 2017 - Year of Lovecraft
    Feb 03, 2017

    Review of WINTER TIDE by Ruthanna EmrysWINTER TIDE will clearly be one of my favorites of 2017, and one of my all-time top novels in the Lovecraftian Mythos category. Appropriately in Women in Horror ...

  • Nikki
    Dec 27, 2016

    Received to review via Netgalley; publication date 4th April 2017Winter Tide has a very interesting premise, which builds on a short story by Ruthanna Emrys, ‘The Litany of Earth’ (you can find th...