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In The Name of the Family
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In The Name of the Family


`It is better to be feared than loved' - Niccolo Machiavelli

In the bear pit of renaissance politics, a young Florentine diplomat finds himself first hand observer on the history's most notorious family - the Borgias.

In the Name of the Family - as Blood and Beauty did before - holds up a mirror to a turbulent moment of history, sweeping aside the myths to bring alive the real Borgia family; complicated, brutal, passionate and glorious. Here is a thrilling exploration of the House of Borgia's doomed years, in the company of a young diplomat named Niccolo Machiavelli.

It is 1502 and Rodrigo Borgia, a self-confessed womaniser and master of political corruption is now on the Papal throne as Alexander VI. His daughter Lucrezia, aged twenty-two, already thrice married and a pawn in her father's plans, is discovering her own power. And then there is Cesare Borgia: brilliant, ruthless and increasingly unstable; it is his relationship with the diplomat Machiavelli which offers a master class on the dark arts of power and politics. What Machiavelli learns will go on to inform his great work of modern politics, The Prince.

But while the pope rails against old age and his son's increasing maverick behavior it is Lucrezia who will become the Borgia survivor: taking on her enemies and creating her own place in history.

Conjuring up the past in all its complexity, horror and pleasures, In The Name of the Family confirms Sarah Dunant's place as the leading novelist of the Renaissance and one of the most acclaimed historical fiction writers of our age.

Title:In The Name of the Family
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:480 pages
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    In The Name of the Family Reviews

  • Angela M
    Mar 13, 2017

    This turned out to be the right book at the right time for me . I was craving a little historical fiction as well as a reprieve from the hangover I had from some grief filled books that I recently rea...

  • Diane S ?
    Mar 12, 2017

    Renaissance, Italy and the Borgias never fail to attract my notice. Such conflicted times, the church all powerful, the Borgias at the height of their powers. A corrupt Pope, his acknowledged children...

  • Liz
    Mar 01, 2017

    I have loved or at least really liked the Sarah Dunant books I've read in the past. So, I was thrilled to get an ARC of this novel concerning the Borgias. I did not read Blood and Beauty, which is the...

  • lisa
    Feb 04, 2017

    When I like Sarah Dunant's books I LOVE them. I got an ARC of The Birth of Venus thirteen years ago, and I stayed up all night to finish reading it. I savored every bit of Sacred Hearts, and it became...

  • Girl with her Head in a Book
    Mar 05, 2017

    For my full review: moved directly from Blood and Beauty to In The Name Of The Family, this is not so long-awaited a sequel as it will have been for many...

  • Cathy
    Mar 01, 2017

    This is the second in Sarah Dunant’s series of book about the Borgias but it works well as a standalone novel. However, on the strength of this, I will definitely be adding the earlier one to my TBR...

  • Jo Ann
    Mar 18, 2017

    I knew little about the Borgia family of the early 1500's going into this book, and I have not read Blood and Beauty...but this books seems to stand alone, and it's a whopper. I am always intrigued an...

  • Silvanna
    Feb 04, 2017

    I stopped on page 77. Too pedestrian for me. I have put this aside for now....

  • Oreoandlucy
    Mar 05, 2017

    A longer review is available on my blog:http://reviewsofbooksonmynightstand.b...The characters in this book are based on true characters and Dunant attempts to keep as much as possible to the true leg...

  • Margaret
    Apr 23, 2017

    Like her earlier novel "Blood and Beauty", this book is a novel of the Borgias.So. Like any novel about the Borgias there is blood, death, and really nasty things galore.I didn't think it was as good ...