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The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories
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The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories


A fascinating collection of new and classic tales of the fearsome Djinn, from bestselling, award-winning and breakthrough international writers.

Imagine a world filled with fierce, fiery beings, hiding in our shadows, in our dreams, under our skins. Eavesdropping and exploring; savaging our bodies, saving our souls. They are monsters, saviours, victims, childhood friends.

Some have called them genies: these are the Djinn. And they are everywhere. On street corners, behind the wheel of a taxi, in the chorus, between the pages of books. Every language has a word for them. Every culture knows their traditions. Every religion, every history has them hiding in their dark places. There is no part of the world that does not know them.

They are the Djinn. They are among us.

With stories from: Nnedi Okorafor, Neil Gaiman, Helene Wecker, Amal El-Mohtar, Catherine King, Claire North,  E.J. Swift, Hermes (trans. Robin Moger), Jamal Mahjoub, James Smythe, J.Y. Yang, Kamila Shamsie, Kirsty Logan, K.J. Parker, Kuzhali Manickavel, Maria Dahvana Headley, Monica Byrne, Saad Hossein, Sami Shah, Sophia Al-Maria and Usman Malik.

Title:The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:278 pages
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    The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories Reviews

  • Hannah
    Jan 15, 2017

    Wonderfully immersive and original stories.This collection was unlike most books I have read in recent years. Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin collected wonderful stories from all over the world showcas...

  • Alina
    Mar 07, 2017

    ***Note: I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and Solaris / Rebellion Publishing in exchange for an honest review.A wide variety of short tales featuring very different types of djinns/jinns/genies,...

  • Margaret
    Oct 22, 2016

    Thanks to Netgalley and Rebellion Publishing for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review."When Allah created man out of clay, Allah also created the djinn out of fire."--Mahvesh...

  • Carly
    Mar 14, 2017

    I'll admit I was a bit wary when I picked up Djinn Falls In Love: tempted by authors such as K.J. Parker and Claire North, I worried that the collection itself might suffer from repetition. I needn't ...

  • Aimal (Bookshelves & Paperbacks)
    Aug 30, 2016

    “Indeed We created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And We created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire.” (Quran 15:26-27)As a Muslim, lore for me has been rather differen...

  • Melanti
    Feb 28, 2017

    An excellent collection! There's a huge variety of stories in so many ways: a wide variety of genres, a wide variety of authors, a wide variety of ways in which the djinn are portrayed. That diversity...

  • Anum Shaharyar
    Mar 31, 2017

    Review Part 1 – Congregation by Kamila ShamsieKamila Shamsie is undeniably one of Pakistan’s biggest names when it comes to author popularity. Along with her counterpart Mohammad Hanif, she is the...

  • Jen
    Apr 10, 2017

    I finally finished this book, after 10 days of reading one or two (or more) stories almost everyday. I have some closing thoughts that I'll share at the end of this review, after the individual review...

  • Nigel
    Jan 07, 2017

    In brief - Some very good stories - 3.5/5 probably.In fullThis book has 21 stories on the subject of Djinns. With one or two exceptions these appear to be new stories. The djinns are mainly an Islamic...

  • Amy Nicole
    Mar 15, 2017

    This is such an interesting collection of stories all centered around the topic of djinn (aka genie) folklore. Some of these are retellings of ancient myths, others have multicultural influences, some...