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Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body.
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Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body.


From the unforgettable teacher Jessamyn Stanley comes Every Body Yoga, a book that breaks all the stereotypes.

It’s a book of inspiration for beginners of all shapes and sizes: If Jessamyn could transcend these emotional and physical barriers, so can we.

It’s a book for readers already doing yoga, looking to refresh their practice or find new ways to stay motivated.

It’s a how-to book: Here are easy-to-follow directions to 50 basic yoga poses and 10 sequences to practice at home, all photographed in full color.

It’s a book that challenges the larger issues of body acceptance and the meaning of beauty.

Most of all, it’s a book that changes the paradigm, showing us that yoga isn’t about how one looks, but how one feels, with yoga sequences like “I Want to Energize My Spirit,” “I Need to Release Fear,” “I Want to Love Myself.”

Jessamyn Stanley, a yogi who breaks all the stereotypes, has built a life as an internationally recognized yoga teacher and award-winning Instagram star by combining a deep understanding for yoga with a willingness to share her personal struggles in a way that touches everyone who comes to know her. Now she brings her body-positive, emotionally uplifting approach to yoga in a book that will help every reader discover the power of yoga and how to weave it seamlessly into his or her life.

Title:Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body.
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:219 pages
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    Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body. Reviews

  • Book Riot Community
    Jan 31, 2017

    Out in April (I know!), Stanley’s book is beginner-and-advanced guide to yoga basics; there are incredible photos of each asana featuring bodies of all shapes and colors, along with notes on how to ...

  • Vikki
    Jun 10, 2017

    This book is a great guide for anyone that is uncomfortable with their body and hesitant to do yoga. Jessamyn goes through how to use props as well as the type of yoga and yoga class etiquette. She ma...

  • Elaine
    Nov 27, 2016

    I need a paper copy of this amazing book! This is the inspirational story of someone who struggled to fit into the classic image of a yoga practitioner but was resilient and determined, so much so tha...

  • Taryn Pierson
    May 25, 2017

    Jessamyn Stanley could get anyone excited about yoga. The whole point of her book is that everyone can benefit from yoga, no matter your size, age, or ability. I have really enjoyed incorporating a ho...

  • Diana
    Dec 07, 2016

    There is a lot that I like about this book, and the funny thing is taht I learnt of this amazing woman before getting the chance of reading the book, and I was already in awe: she had to struggle as s...

  • Peg
    Mar 26, 2017

    Every Body Yoga is an illuminating how-to-book, for anyone wanting to learn yoga. This instructional guide is much more, though than just a book on yoga poses. Every Body Yoga is Jessamyn Stanley’s ...

  • Kristie
    Jan 28, 2017

    I thought I may not want to continue reading this book in the very beginning. Jessamyn started out talking out her first yoga class and how miserable it was. I was not feeling it. Fortunately, I knew ...

  • Kelly
    Dec 08, 2016

    Real, raw, and empowering. Stanley not only offers up compelling arguments for starting a yoga practice and a guidebook through which anyone can begin, but she offers up deeply personal stories about ...

  • Laura
    Oct 03, 2016

    When I wrote this review, there was only one other review in Goodreads, and the reviewer didn't like how this book wasn't more about Yoga, and the poses, and what kind of yoga book is this anyway. And...

  • Tami
    Jan 05, 2017

    Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Jessamyn Stanley is such an inspiration! She's not your stereotypical ideal of a yoga practitioner - i.e. a tiny white girl. I thought tha...