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Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium
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Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium


A whimsically illustrated collection of fascinating, surprising, and funny facts about extinct animals. In this beautifully illustrated book, Swedish artist and author of The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts, Maja Safstrom, explores the world of extinct animals. Animals of a Bygone Era features 54 extinct animals from the ancient and modern world--including well-known examples such as wooly mammoths and dodo birds, as well as lesser-known (but no less fascinating) animals like semiaquatic sea minks, marsupial Tasmanian tigers, and tiny Eurasian wild horses.

Title:Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:112 pages
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    Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium Reviews

  • Jason
    Dec 16, 2016

    This wonderful book contains some superb quirky illustrations of animals that long ago went extinct. I found it fascinating to read, very few of the animals were known to me, a few I knew about from w...

  • Muthuvel Deivendran
    Dec 17, 2016

    Elasmosaurus, Titanoboa, Moa, Terror birds, Giant Sea Scorpions, Walking Whales, Shiva's Beast, Horned Gophers, Basilosaurus, Woolly Mammoths, Tasmanian Tigers, Giant saddle Tortoises and many more cr...

  • Carly
    Nov 21, 2016

    If you're looking for a whimsical, beautifully illustrated, and just plain fun coffee-table book, Maja Säfström's Animals of a Bygone Era could be just the thing. The book is short but very sweet, w...

  • Jeimy
    Apr 02, 2017

    Maja Säfström's somewhat whimsical illustrations perfectly accompany tidbits about animals that no longer roam our planet....

  • Kristine
    Mar 22, 2017

    Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium by Maja Safstrom is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late March.Adored it! This is a simple, biological, non-dinosaur-centric sketchbook with da...

  • Clare O'Beara
    May 06, 2017

    Beginning with the earliest sea creatures and moving forwards, omitting the much publicised dinosaurs in order to give other creatures some exposure, this little book cheerfully displays various extre...

  • Lauren James
    Nov 06, 2016

    This is such a lovely, humorous, carefully illustrated book. Just the right mix of fact and fun to keep both children and adults paying attention. This would be such a nice christmas gift!...

  • Bill
    Mar 18, 2017

    “Whimsical” is probably the best single word to describe Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium, written and drawn by Maja Safstrom, which runs through a series of extinct animals from...

  • Andrew Blok
    Jul 03, 2017

    Normally I'm not one to pick up and read a book that proclaims itself a "whimsical collection" because the word whimsical seems to me like a nickname: you can be given it as a descriptor, but not by y...

  • Amanda Freeman
    Jan 02, 2017

    From Netgalley for a review:This book would have been very loved by me as a kid, with adorable illustrations of extinct animals and cute little factoids, what is not to love? The black and white art r...