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In this definitive novel, readers will follow Thrawn’s rise to power—uncovering the events that created one of the most iconic villains in Star Wars history.

One of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Galactic Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn is also one of the most captivating characters in the Star Wars universe, from his introduction in bestselling author Timothy Zahn’s classic Heir to the Empire through his continuing adventures in Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, and beyond. But Thrawn’s origins and the story of his rise in the Imperial ranks have remained mysterious. Now, in Star Wars: Thrawn, Timothy Zahn chronicles the fateful events that launched the blue-skinned, red-eyed master of military strategy and lethal warfare into the highest realms of power—and infamy.

After Thrawn is rescued from exile by Imperial soldiers, his deadly ingenuity and keen tactical abilities swiftly capture the attention of Emperor Palpatine. And just as quickly, Thrawn proves to be as indispensable to the Empire as he is ambitious; as devoted as its most loyal servant, Darth Vader; and a brilliant warrior never to be underestimated. On missions to rout smugglers, snare spies, and defeat pirates, he triumphs time and again—even as his renegade methods infuriate superiors while inspiring ever greater admiration from the Empire. As one promotion follows another in his rapid ascension to greater power, he schools his trusted aide, Ensign Eli Vanto, in the arts of combat and leadership, and the secrets of claiming victory. But even though Thrawn dominates the battlefield, he has much to learn in the arena of politics, where ruthless administrator Arihnda Pryce holds the power to be a potent ally or a brutal enemy.

All these lessons will be put to the ultimate test when Thrawn rises to admiral and must pit all the knowledge, instincts, and battle forces at his command against an insurgent uprising that threatens not only innocent lives but also the Empire’s grip on the galaxy—and his own carefully laid plans for future ascendancy.

Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:427 pages
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    Thrawn Reviews

  • Crystal Starr Light
    Jul 19, 2016

    I don't care to read any "new" Star Wars canon, but anything Zahn writes, I will read....

  • Michael Galdamez
    Aug 19, 2016

    THIS GUY: AND THIS GUY: Nuff said. ...

  • Michael Otway
    Jul 19, 2016

    While so far I'm not a fan of any new Canon novels, I'll eagerly look forward to this release. This story will be set before Rebels Season Three and Timothy Zahn has said it will explore a part of Thr...

  • Rob
    Apr 23, 2017

    Executive Summary: After a slow start, I really enjoyed this book a lot. But I spent the whole book rooting for a member of the Empire, and I feel dirty for it.Audiobook: Marc Thompson is so good, tha...

  • Josh
    Apr 10, 2017

    Legends Thrawn is dead, but Canon Thrawn lives on, and he's even better than ever.As many a large majority of the reviews from various sites have stated, this is the best version of Thrawn, we get to ...

  • Dani
    Apr 24, 2017

    Thrawn is a reboot of sorts of the 90s Star Wars trilogy Heir to the Empire that introduced the main villain Thrawn. He is a super intelligent badass, that can not be out-thought in battle. (OR anywhe...

  • Brandon St Mark
    Jul 20, 2016

    Actual rating: 4.5 stars. One of the better entires into the new Star Wars canon. I like Thrawn a lot, but I think he was better in the show than in this book. Hopefully the Legends version of him wil...

  • Jennifer Quail
    Apr 11, 2017

    Only been waiting years for this bookThe down side of the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm was that books like Timothy Zahn's the Thrawn Trilogy were relegated to a status dubbed "Legends." And while s...

  • Loren Gilmore
    Apr 14, 2017

    I was disappointed by this book. The tension-filled plot and strong character development that were present in the original Thrawn trilogy are sorely lacking here. Instead of presenting a story, the f...

  • Chris (The Genre Fiend)
    Apr 17, 2017

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (17/4/17): A sound reintroduction for the Star Wars Expanded Universe's most legendary antagonist, which nonetheless suffers from some lackluster characters, a glacial plot and the a...