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Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men
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Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men


A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

Supergirl moves to National City! As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth. But some demons from her Kryptonian past are coming back to haunt her, and Kara will find herself face-to-face with her father: the sinister Cyborg Superman!

Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Midnighter) comes a new beginning for Kara Zor-El in Supergirl, Volume 1, Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men a new series that is sure to appeal to fans of the TV series!

Collecting: Supergirl 1-6, Rebirth

Title:Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:166 pages
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    Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men Reviews

  • Melissa ? Dog Lover ? Martin
    Jun 07, 2017

    I won this graphic novel in a Goodreads/First Reads giveaway. I enjoyed the majority of the graphics in the book and I thought the story line was a good one. I haven't gotten to read any of the Superg...

  • Danielle
    May 23, 2017

    Read this review and more on my blog, uncovered-books.I received a free copy of Supergirl Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.For someone who has o...

  • Sesana
    Jun 12, 2017

    This is just not very good. It isn't abysmal, but there's nothing really compelling or interesting here. I can see why Orlando decided to take elements from the TV show, and if this were a complete re...

  • John Yelverton
    May 23, 2017

    It was great to see an actually worthy attempt to blend the comic books with the current television show. Mostly, I enjoyed the fact that Supergirl is finally hopeful and inspiring again, rather than ...

  • Gab
    Mar 13, 2017

    No me gustó ni la trama ni el arte, últimamente se ha puesto de moda hacer nuevas versiones de algunas historias y personajes (cómics y libros por igual), la cuestión es que al parecer no se les o...

  • Adam Graham
    May 27, 2017

    This book marks the re-launch of Supergirl in a way that makes it's reality a little closer to that of the TV show. The big difference is that Kara is much younger than on television (still a teenager...

  • J. Young-Ju
    Jun 11, 2017

    This volume started in a bit of a weird place, I thought. Apparently Supergirl had lost her powers at some point? The opening episode involves her getting her powers back, and then a little later she ...

  • Theediscerning
    Jun 18, 2017

    Look inside the truly dreadful monthly covers and you'll find a reasonable drama here, bringing a lot I didn't know about the character to the fore but equally being just about dramatic enough to hold...

  • Chris Lemmerman
    May 14, 2017

    [Read as single issues]It's very difficult to relaunch a character that also has an ongoing TV series without drawing too many comparisons between the two. Luckily, Steve Orlando manages to take a das...

  • Morgan
    Jun 20, 2017

    Super solid, amazing story ideas but the execution falls a little short. ...