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Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
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Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America


Short, emotional, literary, powerful―Tears We Cannot Stop is the book that all Americans who care about the current and long-burning crisis in race relations will want to read.

As the country grapples with racist division at a level not seen since the 1960s, one man's voice soars above the rest with conviction and compassion. In his 2016 New York Times op-ed piece "Death in Black and White," Michael Eric Dyson moved a nation. Now he continues to speak out in Tears We Cannot Stop―a provocative and deeply personal call for change. Dyson argues that if we are to make real racial progress we must face difficult truths, including being honest about how black grievance has been ignored, dismissed, or discounted.

The time is at hand for reckoning with the past, recognizing the truth of the present, and moving together to redeem the nation for our future. If we don't act now, if you don't address race immediately, there very well may be no future.

Title:Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:228 pages
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    Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America Reviews

  • Didi
    Jan 17, 2017

    The inauguration of the newly elected president of America is upon us. Racism has shown to be very alive and well in the United States, contrary to popular belief. People are all questioning how we co...

  • Trish
    Feb 26, 2017

    I never took the time to read or listen to Michael Eric Dyson before. He became an ordained Baptist minister at nineteen, so for very nearly forty years now he’s been using words to educate and pers...

  • TheSkepticalReader
    Feb 08, 2017

    “My friends, I know reading this frightens many of you. It may even anger you. Please bear with me. Until you make whiteness give up its secrets none of us will get very far.” I listened to this ...

  • Richard Derus
    Feb 08, 2017

    #ReadingIsResistance to institutional racism's costs in a sermon aimed at those it benefits. My review is live today. Michael Eric Dyson pens a heartfelt, stern, anguished plea for white Americans to ...

  • Jessica Weil
    Feb 18, 2017

    This is a book that I challenge all my white friends to read, no matter where you stand on the spectrum of confronting white privilege and systemic racism. Michael Eric Dyson delivers a powerful, enga...

  • Reid
    Feb 04, 2017

    Let me acknowledge from the very beginning that, as a white man, any criticism I offer of this book may well be considered suspect. I do not offer this observation as a complaint, merely as a premise....

  • Cynthia Dunn
    Feb 21, 2017

    Unfortunately, this book will never be read by the people who need to read it and would benefit by it. I'm afraid that Dr. Dyson is preaching to the choir....

  • Skip
    Feb 26, 2017

    A book that needs to be read, but probably not by the ones who need it the most. Written in the form of a sermon/epistle, Dyson preaches mostly about the advantages of being white in America in terms ...

  • Andre
    Jan 21, 2017

    In this latest Dyson offering, Mr. Dyson is making a direct appeal to white Americans to give up their hold hold on whiteness and once and for all really try and understand what it is that Black Ameri...

  • Simran Kaur-Colbert
    Jan 28, 2017

    Important not just for White America, but for all of America to read. As a South Asian American, my community of immigrants also aspires to assimilate and in many ways that means aspiring towards whit...