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Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda
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Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda


A top secret mission on behalf of an old friend, a tropical cruise. What could go wrong? Turns out it's a theme cruise -super-hero themed, naturally -a fl oating comic con. Now Bobbi is trapped on a boat with a thousand cosplayers, caped colleagues she was trying to avoid, an ex-boyfriend who keeps showing up at inopportune times and a rampaging herd of corgis. When a passenger is murdered, Bobbi must play Hercule Poirot to fi nd the killer and confront some uncomfortable truths from her past in the process.

COLLECTING: Mockingbird 6-8, New Avengers (2010) 13-14

Title:Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:120 pages
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    Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda Reviews

  • Artemy Nizovtsev
    Oct 21, 2016

    Sadly, this amazing series has come to an early end, because Marvel and their constant friggin relaunches. This is an abridged volume, collecting only three issues of Mockingbird — and, as I underst...

  • Ken Moten
    Oct 19, 2016

    Update, October 26, 2016: In case my earlier description below is too long: The world sucks, but Mockingbird, Vol. 1: I Can Explain and this book do not.October 19th, 2016: Talk about a premature fare...

  • Chris Lemmerman
    Apr 15, 2017

    [Read as single issues]The first volume of Mockingbird is some spectacular storytelling that I'd highly recommend. The second volume is great, but doesn't quite reach the heights of the first one.This...

  • Dorkthropology
    Oct 25, 2016

    An enjoyably weird comic I'm sad to see end. It managed to make the annoying Civil War tie-in engaging despite the sudden shift of events. I wish they'd given the series more time to gain readers and ...

  • Nadja A.
    Apr 30, 2017

    This was bloody brilliant!I can't believe that this fantastic series has been cancelled by Marvel. :(...

  • Shahriar Shafin
    Jan 05, 2017

    Untimely end of a fantastic series... This one, like the previous, was funny & extremely sarcastic...Kudos to Chelsea Cain, hope she stays in comics. we don't get comics like this so often....

  • Cory
    Nov 03, 2016

    The part with the feminist pirates reminded me of the Key and Peele skit....

  • Jen
    May 18, 2017

    I still think it is ridiculous that Cain's run of Mockingbird was canceled. It is so good, so clever, so 'extra' in every detail. About 1/2 of this was reprinted New Avengers material from a few years...

  • Mckinlay
    May 17, 2017

    this was so damn good and i am so sad that it was cancelled. i hope it somehow finds a butt ton of new readers with the release of the Trade and Marvel realizes that we want female led comics....

  • Heather
    Feb 21, 2017

    Mockingbird Volume 2: My Feminist Agenda As with the last volume, this was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it also carried through the same problems as the last one too.This series had been advertised as...