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The Gravity of Us
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The Gravity of Us


Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.

Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.

Title:The Gravity of Us
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:270 pages
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    The Gravity of Us Reviews

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    Apr 08, 2017

    "I’d died a million deaths before I gave living a chance, and my first breath of life was taken from her lips." I swear, every time I read this author, I AM WOW'ED. To the point that I have NO IDEA...

  • Christy
    Mar 28, 2017

    5+ Graham Cracker stars!!! I know I say this after reading every B Cherry book, but I seriously think THIS book is my favorite of hers. Brittainy- “Every word you’ve ever written becomes my new ...

  • Brittainy Cherry
    Jan 04, 2017

    ~*~The Gravity of Us Official Synopsis~*~Book Four in The Elements SeriesComing Spring 2017~*~Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed w...

  • Jennifer Kyle
    Apr 08, 2017

    5 ‘MAKTUB’ STARSBrittainy C. Cherry delivers a very unique storyline. This story centers around one of three sisters who were raised differently than the 'norm' with a special spirited mother. Lu...

  • Anna's Ramblings ?
    Apr 13, 2017

    4.5 starsPhew! For a minute I thought this would be another DNF. When a book starts with (view spoiler)[cancer (hide spoiler)] and you start crying on page 7? I gave myself five chapters max before I ...

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Garrett~Dean~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Gianluca & Archer
    Apr 21, 2017

    *****FIVE BAZILLION STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Right after we soared to our highest heights, we descended and crashed to our lowest lows—but not before his air became my breaths, n...

  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Apr 14, 2017

    "Loving Lucy Hope Palmer wasn’t a choice; it was my destiny." Oh Graham, I love you so much. <3This was my 4th book of Ms.Cherry's and with each book this woman amaze me and left me speechless wit...

  • Bibi
    Apr 15, 2017

    The Gravity of Us is a heartfelt story of two people who found love in the most impossible of circumstances. Brilliantly written, poignant, and breathtaking. B. Cherry writes with so much heart and so...

  •  ?  KAT ? ?Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books?
    Jan 05, 2017

    For an author, he was unnervingly good-looking and fit. A tattoo traveled up his left arm, wrapping around to the back of his shoulder blade, and his arms appeared as if his biceps had their ow...

  • Maddie
    May 11, 2017

    🌟🌟🌟🌟💕💕 To love,and all the heartache that weighs it down.To love, and all the heartbeats that lift it up.Love. - The emotion that made people both soar and crash. The feeling that l...