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The LifeChanging Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story
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The LifeChanging Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story


From the #1 New York Times best-selling author and lifestyle/cleaning guru Marie Kondo, this graphic novelization brings Kondo's life-changing tidying method to life with the fun, quirky story of a woman who transforms her home, work, and love life using Kondo's advice and inspiration.

Marie Kondo presents the fictional story of Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who struggles with a cluttered apartment, messy love life, and lack of direction. After receiving a complaint from her attractive next-door neighbor about the sad state of her balcony, Chiaki gets Kondo to take her on as a client. Through a series of entertaining and insightful lessons, Kondo helps Chiaki get her home--and life--in order. This insightful, illustrated case study is perfect for people looking for a fun introduction to the KonMari Method of tidying up, as well as tried-and-true fans of Marie Kondo eager for a new way to think about what sparks joy. Featuring illustrations by award-winning manga artist Yuko Uramoto, this book also makes a great read for manga and graphic novel lovers of all ages.

Title:The LifeChanging Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:192 pages
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    The LifeChanging Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story Reviews

  • Rose
    Apr 29, 2017

    This seems like it might be a very cute and informative read. I'm definitely excited for it....

  • Anki
    Jun 28, 2017

    So, I have somewhat mixed feelings about this book. First, the positives: this is a sweet story that provides an accessible example of what the KonMari method is and how to apply it in your life. Ther...

  • Ilinalta
    Jul 08, 2017

    As a hoarder and someone who stores things never to be seen again, a lot of these lessons and the things the main character was going through related to me. As I read through the book I would groan an...

  • Jim Higgins
    Jun 23, 2017

    A clear and entertaining presentation of her ideas in manga form ...

  • Katie
    Jul 01, 2017

    I couldn't get through Marie Kondo's other books, but I love this manga version! It is funny and provides good tips without being repetitive. I think illustrating Kondo's ideas works beautifully. ...

  • Joseph R.
    Jul 18, 2017

    Based on her The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo presents a fictional case study applying her tidying up techniques to Chiaki, a 29 year old Tokyo woman with a small cluttered apartment...

  • Michelle
    Jul 12, 2017

    I really like the idea behind this book and as someone who has been guilty of being a long time hoarder I relate to the main character thoroughly. I never really had an interest in really organizing a...

  • Patricia
    Jun 29, 2017

    I tried the famous book from Marie Kondo, a long long time ago. I felt like she was a bit too intense on certain aspects and also I felt like she was in a "higher" place, to be honest, I felt the tone...

  • Melissa
    Jul 13, 2017

    I was never really into Manga as much as I am now. I had already read her first book "The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up" when it first came out. She has written this book in a way that it's very eas...

  • Blair Slavin
    Jul 14, 2017

    In Manga I FINALLY learned the lessonsI have two of the books on the Spark Joy philosophy. One even in Audio Book format. Yet I never seem to get through them. Yet in Manga, being a visual person, I g...