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Before I Ever Met You
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Before I Ever Met You


I first met William McAlister when I was just a teenager.

He was handsome, had a beautiful wife and was on the verge of success, having just joined my father as his business partner. Mr. McAlister was full of smooth charm, but back then he was barely a blip on my radar. Just a family friend.

Fast forward ten years: I’m 25 years old and a single mom trying to make things right for her seven-year old son. I’ve made some mistakes, grappled with my demons and now I’m back in the city of Vancouver, getting a second chance at a better life.

I’ve started by working for my father’s production company as an executive assistant. My first day on the job and I already know I could have a promising career there.
That is until I see Will McAlister for the first time in a decade.

Now recently divorced and as sophisticated as always, Will has gone from being my father’s friend and business partner to something so much more.

We’re both older, for one thing, and he just oozes this worldly confidence and stark sexuality. Combined with his tall, muscular build and sharp suits, strong jaw and bedroom eyes, Will has turned into one hell of a distraction.

A distraction I’m having a hard time staying away from, considering his office is right across from my desk and I work with him in such close proximity.

But it’s just a harmless crush, right?

It’s just an innocent fantasy of screwing him on his desk, right?

It can’t ever be more because he’s my father’s best friend, business partner, and my boss.



Before I Ever Met You is a contemporary standalone romance, a light-hearted swoony read that will make you believe in love again

Title:Before I Ever Met You
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:324 pages
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    Before I Ever Met You Reviews

  • Christy
    Apr 20, 2017

    5 stars!!! Where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ve read a lot of Karina Halle books. She is a versatile author and can write many different types of reads. I feel like with Before I Ever Met Y...

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    Apr 21, 2017

    “Dream girl,” he whispers. “Tell me I have your heart. I won’t let it go, not for any moment, not for any reason. Tell me I have your heart and I’ll keep it next to my own.” Oh my! Oh my ...

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Garrett~Dean~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Gianluca & Archer
    Apr 23, 2017

    *****FIVE STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author} ”Tell me I have your heart. I won’t let it go, not for any moment, not for any reason. Tell me I have your heart and I’ll keep it next to ...

  • TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover
    Apr 21, 2017

    2.5 stars I don't really know why, but when I read Karina's lighter books I notice she tends to:· Label drop· Explain every outfit, hairstyle, and room set up in explicit detail · Write overlong, d...

  • Maria??Steamy Reads Blog??
    May 03, 2017

    ➦This new standalone contemporary novel from Karina Halle is recommended for the lovers of second chance at love and life romances and forbidden love stories!➦Jackie, the heroine of this book is a...

  • SueBee?bring me an alpha!?
    Apr 23, 2017

    LIVE: | AMZ US | AMZ UK | B&N | KOBO | iBOOKS |YUM! THIS SOUNDS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!Stand-alone.LIVE: | AMZ US | AMZ UK | B&N | KOBO | iBOOKS |Blurb: Book Blurb:I first met William McAlister when I was ...

  •  ? KAT ? Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books
    Apr 18, 2017

    4.5 PRINCE CHARMING WITH A BIG FUCKING DICK STARS!! It's so refreshing reading something without all the angst, the emotional trauma and reading a straight forward no bull romance. BEFORE I EVE...

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog??
    Apr 06, 2017

    5 Will Stars "How is that life can be so crazy,so chaotic,so scary.And yet one kiss from you and all that goes away.".I loved this story so much, everything about Before I Ever Met You was perfect.I ...

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    Apr 24, 2017

    NOW LIVE: 4 stars! "Where there's a will there's a way." Before I Ever Met You is an office romance between twenty five year old single mother Jackie and recently divorced ...

  • NMmomof4
    Apr 26, 2017

    3 StarsOverall Opinion: Well... I enjoyed this one, but probably not as much as I thought I would. I absolutely loved the H! The h is another story :/. I think it might've been because I loved the H s...