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One for the Money
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One for the Money


Pestered by her close New Jersey family, Stephanie Plum offers to catch high-school crush Joe Morelli, cop turned bail jumper, for her cousin Vinnie's company. She questions "working girls" to find the missing girlfriend of vicious prizefighter Benit...

Title:One for the Money
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:320 pages
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    One for the Money Reviews

  • Kemper
    Apr 16, 2012

    It’s Gender Reversal Day here on Goodreads as I review One for the Money. So Samuel Plum is an underwear buyer for a retail store who has recently lost his job. Desperate for cash, he blackmails his...

  • Claire Greene
    Apr 14, 2008

    I. LOVE. THESE. BOOKS. SERIOUSLY. I am obsessed with this series. And you know when your brain keeps telling you that this is ridiculous, there must be a hundred books that are written better, or a be...

  • Jessica
    Jun 04, 2008

    Dribble, dribble, dribble. To amuse myself I compiled a top 5 list of things from this book that any future bookclubs book shouldn't include:1- a herioine who regularly wears spandex shorts (I see it ...

  • Raeleen Lemay
    Feb 01, 2015

    Just as I predicted, I did not enjoy this.The main character is a LITERAL marshmallow and I absolutely couldn't stand her, and the plot was boring to say the least (it was also ridiculous). I've heard...

  • Erin
    Jan 16, 2012

    Sometimes you just need to read a book like this. With mediocre writing and a plot as see-through as Grandma's underpants, it will take your mind off life's more substantial material for a while. ...

  • Megs ?
    Oct 13, 2011

    The movie came out a few weeks ago, and I haven't seen it yet. I figured this would be a good time to write a review about this book, since I read it a few months ago, but never got a chance to review...

  • Inara
    Jun 30, 2008

    Funny and light-hearted book with a likeable heroine who never loses track of her goal to earn 10,000 dollars as a bounty hunter. Too bad its an old ex-lover she has to find but then - she still has a...

  • Tea Jovanovi?
    Mar 20, 2013

    bozanstven humor, zabavno... autorka je divna koliko i njena junakinja Stefani Plam... imala sam to zadovoljstvo da je upoznam na sajmu u Njujorku davne 2002. I divna je koliko i njene knjige... To mi...

  • James
    Jan 07, 2012

    Pure gold in humor! 4 unforgettable characters: Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, Ranger and Grandma Mazur. Let's do a lil' recap:Stephanie: Your everyday girl... with great humor, a bit of sass, lots of d...

  • Jessica ? ? Silverbow ? ? Rabid Reads
    Jun 19, 2012

    11/11/15: Buddy (Re)Read with my peeps at BB&B...