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To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry, Maine was just their home town: familiar, well-ordered for the most part. A good place to live.

It was the children who saw - and felt - what made Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, IT lurked, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each one's deepest dread. Sometimes IT reached up, seizing, tearing, killing . . .

The adults, knowing better, knew nothing.

Time passed and the children grew up, moved away. The horror of IT was deep-buried, wrapped in forgetfulness. Until they were called back, once more to confront IT as IT stirred and coiled in the sullen depths of their memories, reaching up again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality.

Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:1116 pages
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    It Reviews

  • Maciek
    Nov 22, 2009

    The most important things are the hardest things to say, because words diminish them...Some time ago the wise bald (or white) heads stationed at various universities came to an agreement that a litera...

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    Apr 07, 2013

    I'm not easily scared these days. As a grown woman, the only thing that brings the feeling of dread into my heart is the constant pinging of new work emails requiring my attention when I'm at home, bu...

  • Colleen Hoover
    Apr 05, 2017

    Fuck you, Stephen King. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?

  • Jennifer
    Oct 27, 2012

    Some parts were truly creepy at first and initially, as often happens with King, I couldn't put it down. But then, as often happens with King, it hits a brick wall and becomes so over-long and has so ...

  • Matthew
    Jan 08, 2013

    Re-read update - April 2017:"He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts"I find it appropriate that I first read this between the ages of 12 and 15 and now I re-read at...

  • Stepheny
    Dec 01, 2011

    Let me take you all on a tour, kids. We’re going to everyone’s favorite place- Derry, Maine! We’re going to do some sight-seeing while I talk about the book that is my absolute hands-down #1 boo...

  • Franco  Santos
    Apr 22, 2014

    It (Eso) es una de mis obras favoritas de King. Y, para mí, la mejor. Tenemos a un grupo de amigos, los autodenominados Los Perdedores, integrado por William «Bill» Denbrough, Benjamin «Ben» Hans...

  • Alejandro
    Aug 04, 2014

    You can't be clowning about IT!!! THOSE TERRIFYING CLOWNS It was easier to be brave when you were someone else.It's kinda..."funny" how such characters that they are supposed to make us laugh, you c...

  • Paul O'Neill
    Apr 21, 2015

    Be true, be brave, standI'm astonished, what a book! We all float...You want scary? Pennywise is here and he'll scare the be-Jesus out of you every other page. Pennywise made an entire generation scar...

  • Melissa ? Dog Lover ? Martin
    Jun 29, 2015

    2017!Hello, welcome to Derry.. I'm Pennywise the Clown and at some point, especially if your a kid, I will eat your face off! Have a nice day!The first time I read this book was in the 6th grade and I...